Monday, February 18, 2008

Singing in the Rain.

Seen everywhere lately are those tall plastic rain-boots adoringly known as wellies, short for Wellington boots.  Here are some of my favorites.
Top left: Hunter, $95
Top right: Target, $19.99
Bottom left: Nine West, $39.99
Bottom right: J.Crew, $65

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gladiator Arena.


Leather sandals, a staple in any warm-weather collection.  My personal favorites this season, ranging in price from $24.99 to $395.00, here are my favorites.

Top left: Pollini, $250
Top right: Isaac Mizrahi for Target, $24.99
Bottom left: J.Crew, $88
Bottom right: Tapeet, $395

Geek chic.

Those Lego accessories spotted on the Marc Jacobs runway are both easy and affordable to recreate.  Snap a few blocks together, glue a paperclip on the back, and slip the charm onto a pendant chain.  Or, try gluing the plastic blocks onto the back of a pin for an instant brooch or onto a plastic headband.

Picture courtesy of

Do-it-yourself instructions:
  1. Snap together Lego blocks
  2. Slip a small ring onto the paperclip
  3. Duct tape the paper clip onto the back of the Lego pieces
  4. Thread the ball chain through the ring of the Lego charm
  5. Your necklace is ready to wear; pile them on!
Materials needed:
  1. Assorted Lego blocks
  2. Small jewelry rings
  3. Paperclips of various sizes
  4. Duct tape
  5. Scissors
  6. Ball chain
The finished product:

Summer Lover.

So many clothes in stores now, although it's only February, are for summer or spring.  The following checklist is a compilation of essentials to be mixed and matched for a flawless summer wardrobe.
  • Crisp white shorts
  • Something light-wash denim--a mini, shorts, or jeans.
  • Solid white tank top
  • Colorful, patterned tanks or tees
  • Solid, detailed filmy blouses
  • Bright cardigans
  • A black knit tank dress
  • Gladiator-esque flat sandals
  • A great bag that's big enough for beach essentials
  • Sunglasses that "pop"
  • A bathing suit that, cliche-ly speaking, makes you "feel like a million bucks"
  • An array of necklaces--long, short; silver, gold; colored, metal

Brit Invasion.

Welcome everyone, and thank you for visiting.  This is my first attempt at blogging; however, I am hoping that my finished product will be more of an online fashion journal encompassing panache and style.  By focusing on easy yet chic D.I.Y.'s, runway looks, checklists of essentials for the new season, and my personal style, hopefully all visitors will be able to relate to Brit Invasion.  Any comments and/or suggestions are welcome!

Hearts, Elle